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“I have had the pleasure of using Spartan Property Management as the agency through whom we are renting. The property manager for the Sandhills region does an excellent job of staying on top of communication and insuring a positive experience especially when facing an occasional hiccup with the property (repair need).

The team is punctual, communicative and very professional. Best rental experience I have ever had. The owner is no-nonsense, engaged and pro-active for both the renter and the homeowner. Highest regard for his ethical business operation.”

Brian Sykes

“We’ve really enjoyed the professional and quick response time we’ve seen with Spartan Management. And the best part for me so far was having them be so welcoming and dropping off the gift basket. It was such a pleasant surprise and really did make me feel welcomed! Would highly recommend renting from this management company.”

Sarah Wesley

“Spartan has been managing my property in Southern Pines for almost a year now. [The team] in particular has been amazing and always on top of communication. They were able to list my property and get great tenants in for over 10% of what I expected and within a few days. I have a few rentals in different states and Spartan is by far the most professional and reliable one. Highly recommend them if you are renting your home in the area.”

Mike Pierce

“We recently switched to Spartan Property Management and they have been amazing. We had so many issues with our home that were not brought to our attention by our previous property manager. Spartan came in and took charge and kept in contact with us through all the repairs. They are very thorough with inspections. My husband and I live on the west coast so transparency is very important to us. Spartan has exceeded our expectations.”

Kelli Lord

“We love the company very much and are extremely pleased with Spartan.”

Shannon Louive

“Best property management company highly recommend.”

Stephen Long

“I recently rented a property from Spartan Property Management. My experience with the staff has been amazing. I love a business that cares about their customers and I feel like Spartan does just that. They are very diligent and I would recommend them strongly.”

Brian Blue

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We Are A Full-
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Your property manager will handle the daily tasks, tenant screening, security deposits, and leases. Providing you with easy access to your monthly reports via a secure owner’s portal.

“[The team] are very professional and extremely pleasant to work with! I have not had positive experiences with past rental companies but Spartan is great!”

Nicole English

“Great company that takes care of you. Will work diligently to get your problems fixed no matter what! I’m recommending them to everyone I serve with!”

Hyderia Mapp

“Super helpful and even worked over the weekend to help us.”

Marissa Ann

“Use them to manage our rental property. Very professional, and great communication without the cost and hassle that other companies offer. Love the fact they use a professional photographer to advertise our home.

Karra Leanna

“They’re great at making the complex sound like regular talk! They’ve helped us with everything from buying to renting to buying again and only ever make the situation better.”

Kaz Foster

“Just a solid experience with them helping us find a rental home.”

Lucas de Mestre

“We had done prior business with buying our first home through Meese Property Group and was extremely excited to learn that they had started Spartan Property Management when we came down on unexpected orders out of state. We wanted to be able to feel like our home investment was in great hands, cared for like we would care for it, and allow for that stress to be reduced as we would be 1000+ miles away.

[They] came right in explaining how the process works, their responsibilities, and ours. The team was always dedicated and I always felt like they had our best interest at the forefront at all times.

We tossed out a rental number we would have been more than happy with but [the spartan team] looked at comps and used their expertise as the professional to say that is too low. They shot for higher.

In less than 24 hours of posting our rental, I received a call from Spartan that they really think we could step it up a notch. They were right. In less than a full week of our rental posted with SPM, we had our rental posted and a lease done for $200 more per month than we could have even imagined getting.

[Spartan] was a rockstar and we are extremely grateful for their commitment to us, our home, and our new renters. This entire process could have been stressful but it never was, thanks to Spartan Property Management.

If you want your investment taken care of, choose the only property management in the Fort Bragg surrounding areas you can trust, SPM!”

Tami M.

“The property management is the best I’ve ever had from day one of contact, to almost two years in with my property. [Spartan] is so responsive and quick to handle everything. I never worry about a thing.

My rent check gets deposited right on time or warned if there’s even a slight delay. I get notified about problems and am given solutions- and the team takes care of everything. I just deduct it from the cost of my rent, and it’s like magic.

I thought everyone had such a seamless experience for the cost, but I’ve been very lucky compared to property owners I’ve meant.

I’ve recommended them to all of my friends, and I hope other companies can follow in their professionalism.”

Elle Trz

“I just moved to NC and rented property with spartan property management. When I showed up the realtor was already at the property personally tidying before I moved any of my belongings inside. Spartan Property Management and Meese property group have since been extremely helpful and respond promptly to any issues I have raised up. I would highly recommend their business without any reservations.”

Omar Hammound

“Spartan property management team are amazing! Within 1 week of my property being advertised, I had a solidified renter for my first home. I really appreciate their prompt work ethic and their consistent professionalism! Thank you, Spartan Property Management!”

Janene Scott

“Very professional yet friendly, and keeps you up to date on your property! The Spartan team, thanks for all your hard work!”

Alisha Seamore

Moved to NC in a time crunch and fortunately found Spartan Property Management! They established great communication through the application process, and to this day remain accessible and helpful. Spartan performs maintenance checks to ensure your rental is up to par and you’ve got no issues. If you’re looking for an NC rental company backed by great people with a good online renter’s portal Spartan Property Group is your go-to!”

Tad Williams

“This company is so easy to work with!”

Christy Pastrana



Spartan Property Management was founded in 2018, by Birche Meese. The name Spartan orginated from the Italian made Cargo Plane C-27J Spartan. Currently, there are seven of these planes in the Army Special Operations Command. This was the last plane Birche piloted before his retirement

Spartan Property Management was founded in 2018, by Birche Meese.

The name Spartan orginated from the Italian made Cargo Plane C-27J Spartan.

Currently, there are seven of these planes in the Army Special Operations Command. This was the last plane Birche piloted before his retirement