You want the condition of your home at tenant move-in to be the standard for tenants when they move out. Use the checklist below to prepare your home.

Leave all keys in the property: This includes garage door remotes, pool keys or cards, gate keys, storage door keys, mail keys, etc.

Remove all personal property: This includes hand soap at sinks, cleaning supplies, art hangings, lawn equipment (unless you are agreeing to leave this for the tenant), washer & dryer (unless you are agreeing to leave this for the tenant, etc.)
NOTE: Remember that any personal property left is your responsibility to repair and maintain if it breaks.

Leave utilities on: Please leave all utilities on while the home is vacant as this keeps your home well heated/cooled as needed during very cold or very hot temperatures, PLUS your home will show so much better

Clean up: Have home professionally cleaned, including the carpets

Complete any work orders necessary: For example, this includes replacing burnt out light bulbs, appliance maintenance, repair/fill in large holes from screws or bolts, etc.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes § 42-42, the landlord shall provide operable smoke alarms, either battery-operated or electrical. If the Premises has a fossil-fuel burning heater, appliance, or fireplace, or an attached garage, the Landlord shall provide and install a minimum of one operable carbon monoxide alarm per level in the Premises, either battery operated or electrical

Replace air filters

Replace any burnt out light bulbs

Landscaping: Make sure to mow the lawn, if applicable. Keep in mind it may be several weeks before a tenant moves in to your property. Have lawn maintenance set up for the time period in between to keep your yard well maintained and looking snazzy for showings

Insurance: Contact your insurance company to make sure they know you will have tenants in the property